Auto-publishing of Messages from Asset to External MQTT Broker

Hi All,

Objective: I am trying to automatically publish messages from an OpenRemote Asset to an External MQTT Broker.

What I Have: Using learning from other topics in this forum I have the following setup:

  • An MQTT Agent that connects with an External MQTT Broker.
  • A Thing Asset that subscribes to a topic and stores the latest payload.
  • I am using the MQTT Agent to subscribe the topic: core/event/status

What I Need: On receiving any message on topic core/event/status, I want to trigger an automatic publish on the topic app/event/status with a slightly modified payload.

  • I have added a configuration item called Publish Topic, but it publishes only on manually clicking the Arrow in the UI of OpenRemote Manager. Can this be set to trigger automatically if the attribute receives a new message? If no, is there any other way to achieve this?
  • Is it possible to add more attributes to the payload I am trying to publish?

I appreciate any help regarding this.