Blank page after saving users

I’ve installed Openremote with Docker. Everything looks to works fine, but if i make a new “service user” the page remains blank after saving the user page. I’m new with openremote. maybe i did something wrong? Do i need to setup something with keycloak? i really don’t know how to resolve.

I’ve just created a fresh deployment and observed no issues when creating new user, both service and regular. Are you sure that you are using latest images? Can you describe all steps you are doing? Also, at what platform are you running and what is the output of docker ps?

Hello Michal, would you update the composer file for a new deploys? (openremote/deploy.yml at master · openremote/openremote · GitHub)

I had a lot of problems in my first deploy days ago.

For instance, openremote/tileserver does not exists anymore…

Thanks for your support!

Hi exia,

profile/deploy.yml shouldn’t be used directly with docker-compose. As it is stated in the header of this file Note that you must extend this configuration to complete it with service dependencies and volume mappings, see docker-compose.yml for a usable complete configuration.
This means that not all services need to be present in the final configuration file, like the tileserver.

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