Bool Value not shown on map

Hey there,

is this bug known?

Can you provide more details:

  • Do you mean in the asset card when you select the asset?
  • Do you mean as a label when you have set the marker config?

Hi rich,

in the screenshots you can see, that the bool has no affect to the map, even if it’s true.


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That one was unknown. Adding it to the backlog. Thanks for letting us know!

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Hey Don,

Thing Asset doesn’t showing up any card on map.

You’re on a roll :wink: Added to our list!

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Hey @Don,
i saw the pull for this and i tried it locally… works fine…

but it would be nice to get shown as a checkbox, instead of true or false.
so it would be possible to switch the state of a light at the mapcard, instead of the asset page. :slight_smile:

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The map card has until now been simple text representation of attributes, the way the value is converted to text can be controlled using the Format Configuration item and notice the Boolean format options defined in ValueFormat.

I can see value in being able to interact with attributes directly from the map card…maybe that could be the default behaviour with configuration options to make it text only,

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Hey rich,

thank you very much for your reply… i saw it already at swagger, but i can’t figure out to use it… would you have an json example for me? i would really appreciate that.

Sorry for the delay.

ValueFormat is a JSON object with keys that match what’s defined in the ValueFormat class in the code base, boolean options can be seen here:

So for example:

  "asOnOff": true

There is currently no option to force a boolean to format as a checkbox but we could add this, as for adding control of the attribute from the map card that will be more work @Don see my previous comment and maybe add to backlog as direct control from the map card could be useful…


Added, although a bit low on the list for now :slight_smile:

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