Bug on visualization variable attribute

HI Everyone,
i’ve noticed this bug, sometimes when the value of a variables change the visualization got stucked.

There’s some kind of setting to change or it’s a visual bug?

Is this in the modify mode?


Edit: nvm can reproduce by sending 0 with MQTT client. Fix will be available soon.

I’ve seen this before, and I think I know how to fix it. But I can’t reproduce locally for some reason, so I don’t know whether I’m actually fixing something… Do you have an idea how to reproduce?
How are you writing the value?


Hi Don,
maybe yes;

  1. Create a number variable
  2. Add a Label tag and Rule State tag
  3. Create a When/Then rule for se the variable to 0 using as trigger event “Time”
  4. Before the elapsed time change the variable number and confirm with later blu arrow
  5. Attend on the page and no not refresh it

I’ve tried 4/5 times and still got bug visualizzation


Sorry my edit wasn’t very clear, I didn’t want to delete my original message. I could reproduce it too and have a fix for it. Just needs to be merged :slight_smile: