Build failed when ./gradlew clean installDist

I’m following this link Developer Guide: Setting up an IDE · openremote/openremote Wiki ( but it build failed when I run ./gradlew clean installDist. Can someone help me?

This is my IDE config


Can you verify Java 17 is installed and is linked to your project?
All dependencies that are required to run OpenRemote in your IDE are mentioned here.

You can also try to “reload all gradle projects” in IntelliJ, to make sure all dependencies are initiated correctly.

Probably building the Java code on its own also fails right?
Let me know your findings :wink:


To be clear about what the command is for;
./gradlew clean installDist is the command we regularly use to make sure the whole chain of code and dependencies work correctly. So it does more than only compiling the manager. In your case it failed on compileJava, so it doesn’t matter, but I just wanted to clear things up haha

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I built successfully after many tries, I don’t know clearly what happened but maybe the following can help:
Open IntelliJ → File → Invalidate Caches… then Close IDE
Delete .gradle folder in user dir, then Open IDE again
Run installDist again and it will probably work
Thanks for response, I will update this post if I can find the correct way later

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