Can I create custom asset ID

Is there any way I could create custom assetID instead of getting random generated ID? I want to append openremote link with my asset ID so I could reach it from anywhere with one click

Hi, IDs are random generated as we need to safeguard that they remain unique. However, can’t you create an ID attribute which synchronises with your own asset ID and map on these?

Okay I can create my own asset ID but can I use it to access this asset through link. For example openremote generates random ID for my asset and I can access it through this link https://{your-openremote-url}/api/master/asset/5y1Jr6NhE5K0rFGlj5weTd
Then I create my own custom asset ID attribute and set it as SK00852369SK0085236911
How can I access my asset through this link https://{your-openremote-url}/api/master/asset/SK00852369SK0085236911 ?

As a correction it is possible to create an asset with a custom ID but you will need to use the AssetResource REST API specifically the create endpoint.

The ID must conform to our ID format (i.e. Asset ID must be a valid BASE-62 encoded UUID (22 characters long).

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Thank you, one more question, can I change asset ID through PUT request or is it permanent?

It is permanent; just copy the asset and re-create