Cannot access openremote manager UI through IP

Why I am not able to access the manager UI through my ip address. I can access it through https://localhost but not through my ip. When I
try I get a blank page. Help needed.

First of all, welcome! :wave:

Can you describe which steps you took to deploy it?
Depending on which docker-compose file you used, it might have a different address.
If it’s deployed with a proxy it will have https on port 443, but without it will use http on port 80.

Thanks Martin :pray:

first I pull the docker-compose file using “docker-compose pull” then I deploy it using the “up” command. And after that I cannot access the manager using IP but it is visible through https://localhost. I have the default docker-compose file that is provided on github. It is using port 80.

When using a proxy, you should change the address of OR_HOSTNAME in the docker-compose.yml file.
As shown in the file here:

# OpenRemote v3
# Profile for deploying the custom stack; uses deployment-data named volume
# to expose customisations to the manager and keycloak images. To run this profile you need to specify the following
# environment variables:
#    OR_ADMIN_PASSWORD - Initial admin user password
#    OR_HOSTNAME - FQDN hostname of where this instance will be exposed (localhost, IP address or public domain)
#    DEPLOYMENT_VERSION - Tag to use for deployment image (must match the tag used when building the deployment image)
# Please see openremote/profile/deploy.yml for configuration details for each service.

You can use some environment file to handle this, especially if you want multiple addresses.
Or you hardcode it by replacing every ${OR_HOSTNAME} in the file with your local IP address. :joy:

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