Can't connect to controller

My iPhone is not connecting to the controller after I changed the internet network, it’s finding the controller automatically, but not connecting to it.

Any help?

What platform are you running the controller on?

I’m running the controller 2.6.0 beta 3 on windows 7 and it was working fine, from one day to another it stopped working. The controller is running as usual but my iPhone can’t connect to it, I already tried to delete the controller from my phone and the app doesn’t find it automatically anymore

Can you check to see if you can get to the panels from a browser on the computer using

And from your phone internet browser using
<ip of controller>:8688/webconsole

I don’t know what was happening, but I restarted the internet here and it’s working again.
But now I have another problem. I cant login to any account from my PC, it says: “Can’t get protocols from xml files”. I can login form my noteboook normaly.

Have you ever seen some thing like this?