Cant see insights in other computer or other browser

I cant see insights in another computer or other browser when I log in with the same user.
it’s just on my chrome browser and when i log in from other computer or browser, insights is empty

Insights settings are saved as ‘local storage’ currently, so only saved on the specific hardware. So if you log in from a different machine you indeed have to redo the settings again.

the setting is not on the server-side?!

Hi, sorry for the unclarity. Indeed, the ‘Insights’ settings are saved on ‘local storage’ of the device you are browsing from. We will move that to the ‘user’ in due time, so you can retrieve it on any device (as you were expecting).

hi @Pierre ,
when you expect to move to server side?

It’s on our list but don’t dare to put a date :slight_smile:

hi @Pierre
do you have a stable version for the production environment? or you didn’t release your first stable version?

is it possible to tag this issue as a blocker or critical?

As mentioned, it’s on the roadmap to move to user storage (we understand this is a better more flexible way). First official release will follow but local storage was a conscious choice so far.