Change domain name

Hi everyone ,
I’ve installed Openremote with localhost.
Now I would like to change the localhost by my own host name. My host name corresponds to a website. What is the best way to use it as host name?

here is my docker-compose.yml file



image: openremote/proxy:${PROXY_VERSION:-latest}
restart: always
condition: service_healthy

  • “80:80”
  • “${OR_SSL_PORT:-443}:443”
  • “8883:8883”
  • proxy-data:/deployment


You shouldn’t need to change the docker-compose.yml file, you just specify a value for OR_HOSTNAME when starting the stack: docker-compose -p openremote up -d

Your DNS A record for should point to the docker host running the stack and you need to make sure port 80 and 443 are reachable.

Thanks for your answer
I did it with docker-compose -p openremote up -d
but I can’t access the authentication page with

I get the following error:

That looks like SSL generation has worked and the web server is responding, not sure why you are getting a 404 response, can you verify that you can access the following on your docker host:

curl -k https://localhost/manager/

I would look at docker container logs for any obvious clues and obviously check all containers are running and healthy.

P.S.keycloak:latest now uses keycloak 18.x and various environment variables have changed but the main ones should be the same.

Here is the result of the curl:

That tells me OpenRemote is running successfully and probably your DNS is pointing to the wrong server or something…never seen a 404 page like that come from our system.

Hi @Rich,
I think I don’t understand how the domain name change works.
Let’s say I have a domain name that corresponds to a website and is accessible via google. Is it possible to use this domain name to access the Openremote platform?

you need a own domain (or subdomain) which is redirected to your server ip.
but you need also the server certificate, otherwise hpproxy is failing.

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