Change postgres password

I am new to openRemote an Docker. Therefore, I have been reasonably successful in installing and using OpenRemote based on the quickstart configuration.

In order to increase security, I would like to change the PostgreSQL password and port number. However, after making these changes, the Keycloak container does not start successfully. Could somebody tell me how to change the password and port or suggest where I can find some documentation about it?

Best regards.


Security of postgres is only an issue if you expose the postgres DB port outside of the stack but if you want to change it see the profile/deploy.yml docker compose file which acts as a reference for all config options:

Specifically see the DB settings options for the manager service and the options for the postgres service.

If you are trying to do this for an existing DB then I don’t know if postgres service will update the user (you can refer to standard postgres docker image for assistance there as our image is based off of this).

Thanks for your answer, Rich. I learned a bit more about docker-openremote with that.