Change the panel size

Hi everyone

I have created several panels and loaded them with sensors , buttons, switches etc. however after doing all this, I realized that I picked the wrong panel size - I choose iPhone 320x480 instead of the iPhone 6,6s, and 7 375x 667. Because of this it does align correctly on phone after I synch it.

I have about 6 screen all loaded with a lot of stuff but can’t figure how to change the size of the panel. Any ideas? I am hoping there is an easy way to do this.


Hi, I have the same issue.

When you choose one of the template screens, you cannot change the properties afterwards anymore. I changed cell phone lately, so I had to create it over from scratch again.

This time I used a custom panel, where resolution is changeable in the future.

But now I cannot find the possibility to set the back ground color. The samsung S6 template has a black background in the designer. So it is clear that you have to use for instance white letters.

On my new screen, when I use white letters in the designer, I can see them on my phone, but afterwards I cannot find them back in the designer, because it s white on white.

I v thought about setting a background picture which is black but I hope there is a better way.

With regards to custom panels...

Try putting something in the "Panel Image" section of the "Edit Custom Panel" window.