Changing the order of shown attributes

Hi, is it somehow possible to change the order of the shown attributes?

As they are ordered alphabetically you need to be creative with naming them. Sometimes inserting a space upfront can do the trick.


Often I use the manager config to specify the clustering of attributes in panels for an asset type. However, the ordering within a panel is indeed alphabetical.
This hasn’t been a real issue for me in practice, but maybe that is because I’m used to the creative naming :wink:


Hi @deputy-chief-hardy
I used manager config to group them as I wanted, but you won’t see it as Master Admin, you need another user.
Would be much easier to be able to order them manually tbh

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I feel you :slight_smile:

In my case i order them with


and add a Label to the attributes

thanks for your answer @Denis :slight_smile:

This does not change anything in my case. It orders the values again alphabetically depending on the label now ?!

Oh no, you are right, this is new…

Now I remember, this is only affecting the mapcard, not the asset dashboard.

I added a label to each visible attribute of regular users. However, this trick is not respected in the History section.

The history attribute is not alphabetical indeed. Will fix!



Thanks for all your answers!

You are welcome. I’m totally sure this is on the endless roadmap of @Rich :sweat_smile:

Hello Don.

Thank you. Now, the attributes in the history are ordered alphabetically based on the text in the attribute label. However, I have noticed that there is another place where the attributes are not ordered.

Best regards.

Thanks for letting me know!

Yes, this is what I ment.

Denis so you would like this one to not get fixed because it messes with your system? :wink:

HI Denis! As seen in your screenshot, how did you removed Maps and Rule Section from your navbar? Thanks.

You can do that in ‘settings’ - ‘appearance’. Note that only a regular user will see these configurations. The ‘admin’ user will still see the unchanged manager (except for color styling).

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Ohh it was so Simple. Thanks for helping.