Client access to Openremote platform

I would like to know how a client can acces to his realms after total deployment of Openremote. The client must also deploy Openremote ?

I’m assuming you deployed OpenRemote somewhere and it is accessible. Then a specific realm can be accessed as followes:

The client can then log in with his user credentials for that realm.

Thanks for your answer.
Yes I deployed Openremote in a laptop but the question is how to access the realm without using the machine on which Openremote has been deployed.

Then you would have to let you client access you network/laptop; and if you turn off/move your laptop they won’t be able to access anymore of course. This doesn’t seem a very desirable option.

Even for a Proof of Concept, I would advice to set up a (cheap) host with any of the large cloud providers and deploy OpenRemote there.

Maybe someone else has another suggestion?