Command class ALARM

I have a flooding sensor that seems to report:


05:38:22.681: Received: COMMAND_CLASS_ALARM.ALARM_REPORT, hex data: 71 05 00 00 00 FF 07 00 00

There are no OpenRemote designer command listed for this command class in:

In the spec it looks like above command class/command is replace by:


which is also not listed in supported OpenRemote designer commands.

What can I do to get this sensor to work?

A Z-Wave sensor that is, just to clarify…

Thankful for any help!

I am not sure but may be try

No, that is not the same command value.

I have sent an email to OpenRemote support, regarding when or if they will include support for more up-to-date command classes such as COMMAND_CLASS_NOTIFICATION. Let’s see if I get a reply…