Connecting External Sensor

I’m pretty new to this so here’s the rundown:

I’ve got a water overflow sensor and a tectelik lorawan gateway connected to my modem at my house. I’ve portforwarded my shaw router from port 80 to 80. I am trying to figure out how to direct the packets from my router to openremote.

Essentially, how do I go about setting up an external sensor? A redirect to a guide would also help. Thanks so much!


Thanks for giving OpenRemote a try. We need more details to be able to suggest an integration path:

  • Where are you running the OpenRemote stack (LAN or cloud)
  • What protocols/APIs does you Tectelik gateway support (MQTT, HTTP,…)
  • You’ve opened port 80 on your router with a port forward; I’m guessing this is to get access to your Tectelik gateway port 80 or are you trying to expose a locally running OpenRemote instance to the internet?

There is no one guide fits all for connecting a sensor as it depends on many variables but the above may allow us to help guide you.


Hi Rich,

thanks for the reply.

  • Im running the OpenRemote stack via LAN
  • The Tectelik gateway support MQTT and we want to get the system running via MQTT
  • We’ve opened port 80 to expose a locally running OpenRemote instance to the internet

Data packets are already being sent to the network server and all I need to do now is to setup an MQTT agent that pulls the packets from our network server to my locally running OpenRemote instance.

Not sure if you got this working but sounds like you need an MQTT Agent and then create asset(s) and attributes to represent your sensors, any attributes that should get their data from your MQTT broker you will need to add an Agent Link configuration item and select your MQTT Agent and in the Agent Link you can specify pub/sub topics.