Connecting MQTTX to openremote

Hello guys. I am a student trying to configure openremote for internship purposes. I want to connect MQTTX to openremote . I am not sure if this is the correct format to connect both MQTTX and openremote’s MQTT agent

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You don’t need to make an mqttagentlink for this purpose, attributes are available for read/write by default.

publish to: {realm}/{clientId}/writeattributevalue/{attributeName}/{assetId}
subscribe to: {realm}/{clientId}/attribute/{attributeName}/{assetId}

Is the connection successful or not? If yes then follow the below instructions

for subscribe,
master/cce31f1a/attributevalue/07_PEAK_CURRENT_IN_AMP/device id

for published,
master/cce31f1a/writeattributevalue/07_PEAK_CURRENT_IN_AMP/device id

where cce31f1a mqtt clint id

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Just linking to the wiki here, with all MQTT API related info and the available topics;

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