Connecting to KNX


I am trying to connect with knx.
Have applied the “User Guide: Custom deployment” so far, made the necessary adjustment in the “manager_config.json” so that the knx agent is visible in the assets.

you can see the following in my log :

manager_1     | 2021-05-04 16:55:29.189  FINE    [Messaging-AssetQueue-11       ] ote.manager.asset.AssetProcessingService : <<< Processing complete: Asset ID=656jAYvNGoV6CW903nKhwc, Asset name=KNX, Attribute{name='agentStatus', value='WAITING', timestamp='1620140129179', meta='MetaItem{name='readOnly', value='false'}'}

I think you should now import your ets file, my question now is how do you do this in manager 3.0.


Hi and welcome,

I would expect the agent status to show as CONNECTED if it successfully managed to connect to your KNX IP router/interface rather than WAITING.

Given that it is not showing ERROR I assume you discovered that you had to supply a Host attribute, also the default port is 3671 if you need something different then add a Port attribute with the required port. Once your agent is showing as CONNECTED you can use the Setup panel in the top right of the asset viewer to select your ets project file and to import assets from it.

ok thanks for your answer,