Controller 2.5 and KNX DPT:s


I’m coming from controller 2.1 and after trying 2.5 I noticed that some KNX DPTs doesn’t are not recognized any more(10.001 time, 11.001 date, 13.001 counter pulses etc…).

Also DPT 16.000 isn’t recognized although it is mentioned there:

The new drools version is very welcome since it is not that easy to set up controller on raspberry(since soft float images of raspbian have to be compiled by yourself to be able to run java 1.6) but I’m yet to try 2.6 beta…


I noticed the same thing.

I have always used a controller version from Juha’s workspace called “Controller_2_1_0_FM_KNXRollback” I think it is the last KNX version he did. It is the most complete and bug fixed KNX code (according to me). It’s too bad that it was never released.

I have taken the KNX code from “Controller_2_1_0_FM_KNXRollback” and recompile it in version 2.5 and it works perfectly for me.

Hi i've problems with 5001 too, I can't see my blind's state anymore. Can you help me? Unfortunately I'm not expert enough to understand and fix the problem. I've already open a topic in this group, you can answer there so that everyone can fix the problem. Thanks a lot


Now, I think your problem depends on something else, but if you want you can try any of these versions.

I have taken the KNX code from version “Controller_2_1_0_FM_KNXRollback” (which has support for DPT 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16 and 17) and put it into the version “Controller 2.5.0” and “Controller 2.6.0_beta1”.

Note These are not official releases.

I hope it’s okay that I post these versions here?

(If anyone tries this, please tell if they work well for you too).

You can download 2.5.0 version her:

And the 2.6.0 version here:

I will test those by the end of the week… OR gives mys system the time and I rather not search for workaround…

Thanks for your upload! Hope to see your compilations for future versions also! Seems to work for me. Will post long term experiences if I run something to report.

Glad to hear that it works for you too.

Yes, I will update future versions with this KNX code for myself, so there is no extra work to upload them here if it is of interest.

But if this code works for others, we could ask the core team if it is possible to use this KNX code in the official release.

Dear Smart-Home users,
dear core team!

thanks a lot for your contribution. As KNX user these DPTs are absolut neccesary.

Question to core team:

  • Will these DPTs ( 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16 and 17, …) implemented soon?
  • If “yes” in which version and when?
    Thank you!

Hi there,

I have the same problem and agree with Sigi.

Any news when these KNX-DPTs will be implemented, especially 13.001??