Controller 2.6 alpha release - new drools version

As requested by many users, the next version of the controller will include an updated version of drools (version 6.4) and be fully compatible with Java 8.

This new version of drools is a big upgrade compared to the 5.x version included in Controller 2.5 and earlier and as such might bring some incompatibilities with existing rules.
This means that some users might need to update their rules in order to have them compile and work as expected with this controller.

For those of you who want to give it a try, the release is available at
We welcome any feedback on this release, the gotchas with the new drools version and any information on required steps to upgrade existing rules to work in this version.

Note that this is a pre-release version and that some features might be added or removed in the final 2.6 release.

Hi Eric, thank you for the nice opportunity to get and test the new controller /designer.

Test results:

  • open remote controller starts an give the MAC address for linking in the designer
  • syncronisation with account failed -> no linking
  • I registered by the new designer prof with coupon and get access to the test designer with my old designer (free) account:
  • I tried to link in this designer the mac adress but this doesn’t work. So the controller can’t update because of wrong account
  • The comercial designer ( doesn’t accept the ol user account -> Do I need a new account? With the pilling information I didn’t get a user/password information.


Thanks for the feedback.

The designer-test site is a test web site that we’re temporary using to experiment with a potential solution for people to transfer their free account to the 2.5 release but is not ready for public usage.
There seems to have been a mix-up when your account was created, it should have been on the 2.5 designer.

Can you please send me an e-mail (eric at openremote dot org) with the user name your received ? I’ll check to re-create your account.

We will post soon when we have a solution for people to transfer their free account to the 2.5 version.

Hi Eric

Here's some feedback on ORPro 2.6.0 and Java 1.8

A small detail is that images attached to buttons don't seem to get transferred at all.

The following rule works perfectly in ORPro 2.5.0 with Java 1.6, but doesn't work at all with ORPro 2.6.0 and Java 1.8

rule "Velbus_to_Loxone_Target Temps"

timer (int: 2s) // Debounce timer
    $evt:Event(source matches "^.*_Velbus_Target-Status$", $source : source)
   // The sensor value is the target temperature from Velbus panels
   String strValue = $evt.getValue().toString();

   int sensorNumber = 0;
   String SensorPrefix = "";

   try {
      // Extract the number from the sensor name
      Pattern p = Pattern.compile("^(.*)_Velbus_Target-Status$");
      Matcher m = p.matcher($source);
      sensorNumber = new Integer(;

      execute.command(sensorNumber + "_temp-In-memory-set", strValue.toString() );
      execute.command(sensorNumber + "_Loxone_TRV_sett", strValue.toString() );
   } catch (Exception e) {
      System.out.println("############## Velbus Target to Loxone TRV: " + e.getMessage() + " #################");


Hi Stuart,

do you see any errors when loading modeler_rules.drl? Place to look is logs/boot.log

Thanks Michal,

I've emailed you the logs to have a look at..... If you have time.


Hi Stuart,

this one seems not be able to find rules file at all. It complains with:

2016-08-03 10:56:51,596 ERROR [Controller Definition File Watcher for Default Deployer]: Cannot start event processor ‘Drools Rule Engine’ : Directory ‘file:/C:/ORC260/webapps/controller/rules’ does not exist or cannot be read.

org.openremote.controller.exception.InitializationException: Directory ‘file:/C:/ORC260/webapps/controller/rules’ does not exist or cannot be read.

These lines are from logs/dev/dev.log

So there is probably nothing wrong in the modeller_rules.drl

Kind regards,


No that's interesting, because the Webconsole.war file was missing from his download too....

I sent him a copy and when he restarted the controller, the Webconsole was alive and well.

I'll ask him to check if the rules folder is there and if not, to create it.

Thanks for spotting the problem.

Cheers, Stuart

I had same case with alpha release(the rules folder was missing.). I recommend newer beta release..

Hi Eric,

according to KNX in the beta vesion I miss the datatypes from version 2_1_1.

Example: 14.001 or 14.XXX DPT doesn’t exist

In comparison with the code the are not longer exists (see appended picture).

I hope a update will come soon.


Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

Simply manually adding an empty rules folder has resolved everything:-)

We now have some Loxone and Velbus hardware playing nicely together.

Given both the move to GitHub and the change in build system in 2.6, the rules folder is indeed not present in the generated controller file structure.

In 2.6 Alpha this was causing an issue.

In 2.6 Beta, this is taken care of by the code itself, the rule engine creating the folder at startup if not present, so no manual folder creation should be required.

i dont no if anyone has come across this but when i tell my OR 2.6 to stop it goes into a loop and wont shut down until i power down the device

when it is running in the start up im getting twice per startup

ERROR 2016-08-27 02:52:38,760 : !!! CONTROLLER STARTUP FAILED : null !!!


but it still works