Controller crash after adding new switch/slider

Hello, today I tried to add a new switch/slider (Vera protocol) and when manipulating that switch/slider the app crashes. Everything else works just fine. I tried the panel in the web console and got the error: Error! The following error occurred: - Unknown Controller Error

Can anyone suggest a method for further diagnosis?


Found the problem. It turns out that somehow my Designer account was not linked to the correct Controller MAC address. I’m running Controller on a Rpi and the Controller MAC address was different from the one linked in the Designer. At first I was unable to add update the Controller MAC in Designer, until both the wired and wireless MAC addresses from the Rpi showed on the Controller sync page. I tried added both separated by a comma and Designed accepted the new Controller MAC addresses; once I synced the design again everything worked.

No idea how the MAC address could have become un-linked or changed either on Designer or on the Rpi itself. But it’s fixed now.