Controller Issue - 500 Call Failed on Server - See Server Log for Details

I must caveat my discussion by saying that i am a total noob and my answer could be staring me in the face without me seeing it.

I can’t use the Discover New Device functionality - Error Message 500 - Call Failed on Server: See Server Log For Details. Unfortunately, i think that this is a result of a more systemic issue. A bit more background.

I am able to get the Hello World Test to work. I can see the controller address on android panel

I can access the control panel http://localhost:8688/controller

There is no MAC Address displayed on the Controller Page - All it says is “This controller is linked to account ID: 384”

In DesignerPro, i check under Controller Management and i get “Loading Link Controller” and the Blue Loading Spiral that does not stop - Never Loads
It won’t allow me to stop the loading and or delete to try to load another controller.

Previously, I was able to mash the “Add a Controller” button and manually try to add the MAC address (i know it from a previous attempt at install). At first, it would let me enter the MAC address and i would receive the 500 - Call Failed on Server error.

Now it won’t let me add the MAC address - Red box around the field. i hit cancel and receive the the 500 - Call failed on server error.

Could this have something to do with a previous install attempt. I do remember that there was a MACS address on the control panel. During my loading struggles i have loaded and unloaded the controller several times.

In the JDK environment settings, i was not sure if i need to input JAVA_HOME into User or System Environments so i did them both. Do i need to do anything with JCE - Unlimited policy as noted in some of the guidance. I only have installed jdk1.8.0_101. Do i need JRE anywhere…remember total noob.

What can i possibly be doing wrong?

Thank you in advance for any help here.

Your Noobian Friend,


Controller: 2.6
Designer: Designer Pro
OS - Windows 10

Sorry, auto-discovery is not supported yet with the newer Z-Wave stack.

Not sure about the errors you’re seeing, will take a look if I can.

The error was made with the jdk installation. Reinstalled and works fine. Thanks!