Controlling Beckhoff with or.asp. Need help in setting the values

I am able to read lamp status with or.asp get, but I cannot set the values using or.asp set.

Could someone help me?

Here is my example. What is wrong?[17].bData:1

Or should I use hex values:[17].bData:0x01;.arrLampProcessOutputData[17].byControlByte:0x00;.arrLampProcessOutputData[17].wData:0x7FFF

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Here is little bit more explanation about my problem:

I am able to set any Input variable to Beckhoff system with or.asp set command, but I am not able to set Output variables.

Should there be some input variable in Beckhoff system where to set lamp on or off or is it the right way trying to set output variable to 0 or 1. I am able to switch my lamp on and off from the Beckhoff TwinCAT system manager by setting the output variable 0 or 1.

My commands are[17].bData:1[17].bData:0

but nothing happens.

If I try to set some input variable in same manner the value is set ok to Beckhoff system.