Create Custom Project: gradle build error / project structure

Hi all,
I am trying to set up a custom project under Windows 10 as described in the documentation.
When I run ./gradlew clean installDist, I get the following error:

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where:
    Script ‘C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\openremote\project.gradle’ line: 68

  • What went wrong:
    A problem occurred evaluating project ‘:deployment’.

Task with path ‘:openremote:ui:keycloak:installDist’ not found in project ‘:deployment’.

I am not sure if my project structure is correct, the folders are:

C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote (my custom project folder)
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\agent (my custom agent folder)
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\console (my custom console folder)
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\deployment (my custom deployment folder)
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\openremote (Open Remote sources)
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\profile
C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote\ui (my custom ui folder)

I start the ./gradlew clean installDist command from C:\Open Remote\7idopenremote.

Do I have the correct project folder structure?

Any help would be highly appreciated.


You’ve picked a bad time to try following the guide as we’ve just re-structured the OpenRemote repo to improve handling of our own custom projects, updating the developer guide is on the task list for the coming days and I’ll try and remember to post an update here for you.



Thank you for the quick response. Please keep me updated, when a new version is available - I am happy to support as Beta-tester.


Rich, do you maybe have an update for me regarding the docs?
Thanks + BR

I also have this problem, and am also waiting for updates…

Have you watched the white labeling video, which was released few days ago? It shows the new proces of customisation.

Apologies for the delay but please see this post about custom project documentation.