Custom Asset Type Creation

Hello Everyone.

I wanted to create car that can be an asset in my custom project. And I want to pack that car inside a geo location. If that car goes out of that map location so email or notification can be triggered.

So can you tell me in which folders should I add assets and how. Second thing how can we just add a map fence around that car so it cannot move out of the fence.

You don’t technically need a custom asset to achieve this, you can just use a ThingAsset with a location attribute.

You then create a geofence rule for this asset.

If you did want to add a custom asset type then at the moment you will need to implement an AssetModelProvider, register this with the ServiceLoader and then create a new class that extends Asset

The custom project template includes an example custom asset which you could alter.

If you wanted to hack this then you could add it directly to the main OpenRemote code base and build your own manager docker image:

./gradlew clean installDist
docker build -t openremote/manager:custom manager/build/install/manager/

In the near future there will hopefully be a declarative way of creating custom asset types in the UI :wink: