Custom Map in a custom platform

Hey all
I hope you are doing fine

I want to know how i can make a custom map with cairo, egypt and i download the mbtiles and aslo didn’t work

I want to know is there a way to make the map with the floor map of my house ?

@Don @Rich @pcr @Denis

Can you help me here ?

Hi @marwan

For this part please have a look at the guide :grin:

I’m not sure if you can use the map of your house, I’ll let someone else answer that

Hi @pcr

I made like the tutorial and working like it
and didn’t do any thing to me
and in the network in console in chrome made every thing red and didn’t get any thing

Here is a suggestion for the floorplan:

I made every thing like you told in the post
and it gave me 404 not found

and the mapsetting i wrote like that

Screenshot from 2023-07-18 20-36-33

What i made it wrong ? @Denis

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and what is your meaning of path_to in


@marwan were you able to figure out this issue? I tried running through the description above and received the same issues (404 Error).

If you have a 404 Error, then your file isn’t located. Proof your path.

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