Custom Project Queries

Hello there,
If anyone could address the below points?

  1. Custom Project Integration: We are particularly interested in understanding the flexibility of the OpenRemote framework. Can a custom project, not based on Java, be developed and seamlessly integrated within the ecosystem? Our intent is to ensure that any custom project or application we develop remains managed within the boundaries of OpenRemote, without the need for external management.
  2. System Requirements: To ensure the compatibility of our existing systems with, could you please provide detailed information regarding the minimum system requirements if we were to use the most basic stack of OpenRemote?
  3. MQTT Broker Scalability and Benchmarking: We are keen on leveraging the MQTT broker provided by OpenRemote. Are there any scalability assessments or benchmarking details available that showcase its performance capabilities and limits? This information would be invaluable in helping us anticipate potential bottlenecks or limitations as we scale our operations.



  1. We have various APIs as documented in the wiki to allow integration with 3rd party software (MQTT and REST being the obvious ones); if you need tighter integration then you’ll need to write java code that can be loaded into the manager container.
  2. Hardware requirements vary depending on what the system will be used for (amount of traffic, assets, rules, etc); for an example an Amazon EC2 t4g.small instance can handle about 200 attribute events/second
  3. Internally we use the Apache Artemis broker which has plenty of documentation regarding scalability; we currently use it in embedded mode but could externalise it into its’ own service and scale up and out as required.