Customizing history chart for boolean values?

Currently I have a presence detector that sends a 1 or 0, and using value converter I’m storing this as TRUE or FALSE in the default ‘presence’ attribute. The default historical chart on the asset seems to not use the converted value; instead it uses the numbers to show the history - which makes it a useless chart:

Any way to change the chart so that it uses the converted value instead?

The biggest problem with the chart is that it currently averages the values across an interval which is why you’re seeing 0.5 rather than 0 or 1; there is an update coming soon which will resolve this and then it should have meaning.

Line charts need numerical data for obvious reasons and the system will convert boolean to 0/1; for other data types a table is used to show the value changes with timestamps so you could try that with a string attribute value type.

Hopefully @Don can provide an update once the attribute history is improved.

Thanks for the update!

Charting has been improved with the introduction of TimescaleDB with LTTB data aggregation now possible. Only the insights chart widget supports this functionality.