Database?whether OpenRemote requires persistent storage or a database to retain data between service restarts

Every time I restart my openremote service, the data in it disappears, just like opening it for the first time. So, does openremote need to use persistent storage or a database? I didn’t see it in the documentation.

It clearly uses a database, as shown on this page: Home · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub. If your data is cleared, you are probably using a developer option to clear the database at every restart.

As @michal mentioned, you’re probably running on “developer mode”.
These environment variables are useful to adjust / add;

  • OR_SETUP_RUN_ON_RESTART enables/disables the clearing and fresh setup of the database.

  • OR_DEV_MODE will enable/disable additional logging and debugging features, and adjusts environment variables useful for development purposes (such as clear database on restart)

Nice to know as well;
Most environment variables are written down in the deploy.yml file in the OpenRemote repo. :wink:

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