DB Backup and restore issue

i am using to backup and restore my DB but i am stuck . i am using below link

any help will bw appricated .

Hello Apurba

I used that same procedure ones and was successful. However in another try I got messages about circular references. According the last post from Rich, the circular references are not problem.


Can you pls providing me the command which you used to restore and backup , actually i am following same and i also see te rich’s post but getting error.

Thanks HernanB .


Can you specify the errors you are receiving?
Might be helpful here :slight_smile:


This is the sequence I used to restore the DB :

docker exec 685b57226937 bash -c “dropdb openremote”
docker exec 685b57226937 bash -c “createdb openremote”

docker exec 685b57226937 psql -U postgres -d openremote -c “CREATE EXTENSION postgis;”

docker exec 685b57226937 bash -c “pg_restore --verbose -U postgres -d openremote /db.bak”

docker start 569136b4ed03
docker start 1d3582ebb9da

Best regards.

Hi Martin,
pls find below attachment , if possible address me with right command

Commands are correct as far as I’m aware.

The pg_dump warnings you get can safely be ignored, according to the TimescaleDB docs (an extension we use on top of PostgreSQL). See here:

Are you sure the db.bak doesn’t exist in that directory?
Because I don’t see an error that is severe enough to cancel the backup creation.

Maybe @Rich has an idea?

Backup looks ok but your docker cp command is using syntax which is for bash like terminals not command prompt.

Rather than ~/ you could try %USER_PROFILE%/ or just ./…might need to use \ instead…I generally use git bash or work on linux hosts so not 100% sure about docker cp under windows command prompt.