OR platform DB backup and restore


"My current OR platform, which began production a few days ago, is being been affected by Mining Malware ( (kdevtmpfsi and kinsing affect docker in some way). I think the best solution at this point is to install a fresh and clean OR platform and migrate my data to the new platform. Since I am not an experienced PostgreSQL user, I would appreciate some advice on the best way to transfer all my collected data to the new OR installation.

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How did this malware get on your system?

Make sure you are using private key auth with password login disabled and use a good level of encryption on your key.

As for backup and restore of data:

Thanks for the reference, Rich. Honestly, I’m not sure how I got the malware. After researching online, I discovered that this malware is related to either postgres or docker. it’s possible that when I started testing OR, two weeks ago, I wasn’t very cautious with the firewall. Although I always use ssh for server access, I may have neglected to start ufw (firewall) until a day later. It’s not entirely clear to me.

The main symptom of the malware is that the CPU server constantly runs at 100%.

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