Deployment folder and customization

Good evening
I installed openremote on a VM with

OR_HOSTNAME=<my_ip> docker-compose -p openremote up -d

now I’m completely noob about dockers and openremote, but after doing this on my linux machine i just see my .yml and an empty folder “deployment”

I was reading a lot of documentation about UI, map and logo customization, but for every nominated path i can’t find anything
Should i create them, download them from GitHub (i see them on GitHub - openremote/openremote: 100% open-source IoT Platform - Integrate your devices, create rules, and analyse and visualise your data) or they should be there and i did something wrong with the installation?

Thank you for your patience, i really want to learn this software but i’m struggling with the basics

Hi and welcome,

Indeed, the folders are empty per default.
You have to fill them up with your customizations.