Deployment Tutorial

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Is there any link for step-by-step deployment for Openremote?
Where can I find the documentation for docker-compose.yml file customization?

Up to now, Openremote is installed on my VPS and I can use the platform from https://localhost. but I can’t do it from the linked domain. port 80 is open and I don’t have SSL certificate yet.

Thank you all

I have exactly same issue … I installed using docker compose and also using Portainer Stack with same result .

Hi @Ehab
You can find almost everything here

or on the forum using search function

Thanks for the tip but, when I’m installing locally I dont have any issues , I even installed on a TVBOX (4/64gb) runing Armbian. I get the issue when I isntall it on VPS , I did modify the yaml to set the domain … same result . No firewall rules is set yet … I have a previous version installed runing for a year without issues .

I Solved it by adding my domain in yaml :
Under services slight_smile: DOMAINNAME: ${}

Under keycloak : slight_smile: KC_HOSTNAME: ${}

Under Manager : OR_HOSTNAME:

I hope this help somebody

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Hi zero,

Thanks for lettings us know your solution!