Designer not saving any changes

Since yesterday any changes I make @ don’t get saved. They do appear to be persistent when in the design session, but if I logout/login changes are gone. Therefore, can’t make any changes to controller, etc.

This started for me yesterday afternoon.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Thanks and love OR


Hi Mike,

If you search the forum you will see that this is a safety feature when there has been a server error, to protect your design.

Please search the forum for other posts to find out what to do.....

best wishes,


Thank you!. I did try to see if anything was posted in the last couple days on that (and twitter, etc…) and must have missed it.



OR Fan

Just double-checking we are talking about the same thing…

I am not getting any Server / Error 500 or any errors. I’m not getting any errors at all. It is not saving anything in the UI design. I can make changes to in the building modeler/commands, etc.

I have used IE/Chrome/FF on several computers, no error messages. Everything looks normal, save messages, etc… until I logout. Login and any UI changes are not there.


Hello . I also have problems come to save my desgin the new OpenRemote . Can anyone see what is happening ?
Thank you

Should be fixed now

Yes it is; I noticed that early this AM.

Thank you!!

I am also having the same issue
username - "frank.sylvia"

Changes are successful within a session (including sync to a tablet) but when I log out it reverts back to a previously saved version

Could somebody take a look and see if it can be fixed


This seems to have been fixed or resolved itself.
Any chance somebody could verify before I rebuild my new interface (for the third time :slight_smile:


I have now the same problem. How did you solve the problem?