Designer status

Tried demo/preview composers this morning with no success. See others have posted to the forum regarding the same. Loading a blank screen.

Me pasa lo mismo. Hace dos dias que no funciona el Designer.

Same here. It's been a couple days now, which is a bit concerning.

Can we get confirmation that this will be fixed?

As a related question, I saw that the designer source is posted to GitHub. Does this mean that if I figure out how to build it, I can host designer for myself locally? Can I take an export from and use it then in my local instance?


HELP!! Tried demo/preview composers this morning. Loading a blank screen.

Same here, blank screen on Chrome. Any alternatives or ability to localize the designer?

Same here

I would hate to diverge from the mainstream implementation of OR, but with days of uncertainty I too have already contemplated scrapping the whole thing, or even attempting to host my own designer. I am no programmer, and have struggled through trying to understand the various components of the OR system. Having relied on digging for examples and tidbits from the community, and finally producing functional panels with persistent variables, I don’t imagine having a better experience handling any of the server-side components - alone.


If it comes down to it, I’d probably try it on a Hyper-V VM.

We apologize to all Free designer users (v2.1), who are facing blank screens when logging into the designer. We are aware, and are trying to fix this and will keep you posted. The Pro designer is not influenced by the issues we are facing.

thanks for the update kind sir!

Hi there!

Still under maintenance. Hope it will be back soon. Keep us posted.

All free designers should now be available again.

Apologies for the inconvenience.