Discord Group for collaboration and help

Guys, Why don’t you start a Discord server? it’s much easier to collaborate, than this forum.

Can you elaborate more why Discord server would be easier to collaborate? We’ve elaborated different solutions when moving away from the old Google groups into this Discourse forum, and as far as I can judge it is doing OK. Nevertheless, I’m always open for improvement, hence my question.

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discord is great for real-time collaboration but not the best for a store of knowledge. I have solved about 80% of the problems ive run into by searching the forum. I prefer forums as Discord tends to quickly divert to direct messages which is not as useful.

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I completely agree with @craigsweb here.
Discord isn’t meant for forum use, it’s meant for chatting and collaborating.

Sadly most of us are busy people, so we are not able to ‘live’ react to questions in a chat.
That’s where the forum comes in. But, always feel free to open DMs with forum members,
or continue the discussion on another platform (like Discord) for ease of use.

However, especially since many OpenRemote users visit the forum as a kind of “knowledgebase”,
I think there is reason enough to just continue discussions on the forum itself. It helps lot of users (including myself :joy: ) for solving the problems they have.

But indeed, open for feedback :wink:


thank you all, it’s really about getting an instant answer to simple questions, I am OK the forum too for sticky issues. I am cool with either anyway! Thx

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