Display hours into panel

graphical interface I use has several panel. I would like to be able
to display the time on all these panel. It is not a problem for me to
configure the graphics portion. I was planning to use a text label to
display the time. I can not make the link between the text label and
the update every second for example. What I understand is that I have
to create a sensor and a command for the update. The first sensor
(CurrentTime) will be of the custom type. I also create a STATUS
item. The command (GetCurrentTime) will use the Shell execution
protocol. The path point on a local script say
/usr/sbin/GetCurrentTime.sh. Here is basically what there should be
in echo script $ (date +% H:% M). The Polling interval will be at 1
and the Sensor names CurrentTime.

is from here that I do not understand how to make the link between
the first steps and the display in the pannel.


Just use the inbuilt time and date function in OpenRemote.