Docker error with custom project


I got an error when running the command sudo docker-compose -p openremote -f profile/dev-testing.yml up --build -d in “custom-project” folder:

ERROR: for 36eb9ff80e9b_openremote_keycloak_1 No such image: sha256:3711374f956a0d598bb4e7044cc22161b6db88409d2d4aae42fc566cde101327

Did you find this error before?

Maybe it is something I’ve done wrong removing old versions of openremote docker images. Yesterday I was removing a custom-project that I was trying to setup but I realised that everytime I was restarting the computer the Docker images are created and restarted again, as well as the folder custom-project/deployment (I guess because of the docker volumes). I’m removing everything every time but I don’t know how to start again from zero.


I found solution by changing docker-compose by docker compose.

Indeed depending on your platform compose may be bundled into docker or it may be a separate package, from my experience:

Windows - compose is bundled
Linux - docker-compose is stand alone