Docker images are not versioned

I am trying to roll back to a previous version of manager, but I see the images are not tagged with versions.

How can I do this please?

An update, I managed to recover a copy of the previous ‘latest’ image from another machine.

On the source machine:

docker save -o docker-openremote-manager-c53b92d2cf47.tgz openremote/manager

sftp the image to the targe machine

On the target machine:

docker load -i docker-openremote-manager-c53b92d2cf47.tgz
docker tag openremote/manager:latest openremote/manager:previous

Now I can use the previous image in my project as needed.

#    privileged: true
    restart: always
    image: openremote/manager:${MANAGER_VERSION:-latest}

So we run

MANAGER_VERSION=previous [...] docker compose up -d


Docker images can be built on demand from any repo commit, provided you have the tooling installed as described in the wiki:

  • Checkout commit
  • .gradlew clean installDist
  • docker build -t openremote/manager:custom manager/build/install/manager/

Use docker buildx with --platform option if cross platform build required (i.e. build for arm64 on an amd64/x86 machine or vice versa)

As a side note we will move to version tagged images in the near future.

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