Docker instalation error: Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

Hi, we are trying to install openremote platform using guide in web

before download docker-compose.yml and run docker-compose up all containers is up normally but i have a message with error Invalid parameter: redirect_uri

and docker status is ok;

what i can do?

This is usually caused by not running the stack on localhost; if you are running the stack on a different host or port then you need to supply the EXTERNAL_URL when starting the stack:

The error says Invalid parameter: redirect_uri for which you need to set EXTERNAL_URL. It would help if these both names are consistent IMHO, or even better the error should be something like Environment variable EXTERNAL_URL not set.

Hi Michal, Im new with Openremote. I’ve the manager running on “localhost” but when i like to make a IP command to the local host, i get the same “redirect_uri” How can you setup/change the EXTENAL URL? Can you help?

On Linux or MacOS you do:


Please check the link which @Rich 's given above.

When running the External URL command with CMD the keycloack image gets stuck in a restart loop with the following fatal error:

08:59:51,252 FATAL [] (main) WFLYSRV0239: Aborting with exit code 1

This seems a different problem. Please create a new thread and give all details of what you are doing and how it is falling.

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