Hello Everyone,

I am using OpenRemote since several months now and it is working perfectly. Thank you :slight_smile:

I have a DomIntell device and I was wondering the advantage of using the dedicated implementation (which seems a little bit outdated now) compared to using UTP directly.

Thank you very much,


I suppose you mean UDP, so directly implement the light protocol using OR commands.
This would be quite challenging given the packet structure (they’re packing information in binary format, you would have a hard time maintaining feedback in OR, …).

The dedicated protocol supports the basics: BIRs and TRPs, DIMs, some inputs and I think temperature.
Those haven’t changed in ages on the Domintell side.

What other modules / new features would you require ?

Hello Eric,

Is there any plan to support TRV modules (for rolling shutter) ?

It would be great to have a proper alternative to iridium to make a good interface with a Domintell installation.

Thank you in advance.