Download server certificate (CA), client certificate and client key from Openremote

Hi Everyone,
I am new here, I have already connect my MQTT client with Openremote by following “Tutorial: Connect your MQTT Client · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub” tutorial. Now I want to connect my MQTT client with Openremote from other laptop but don’t know how to connect.

Thank you


I will assume you are running the full docker stack (including proxy service) and your system is accessible at:


You should be able to access the system from some other host by using your machines LAN IP address:


If that works then it will be the same for MQTT client, just need to make sure it accepts the self signed TLS certificate.

Hi @Rich
Thank you for your response. Yes now I am successfully connect my openremote from other laptop after changing localhost to IP. now I want to connect my openremote with w10. To connect with W10 Wifi module I need Client Id , Host pubtopic, subTopic and port. and here i have been given same as mqtt’s ( Client Id , Host pubtopic, subTopic and port). What client Id should i give and where I get the correct client id.

Note: I have already connect my w10 with AWS and Rightech i.o.

Thank you

Not sure if you are asking how to connect your W10 as an MQTT client or do you want your W10 to act as a broker and connect OpenRemote to it.

If it is acting as a client then our wiki explains how to connect an MQTT client to our broker including creating a service user and how to authenticate.

If you want to connect OpenRemote to another MQTT broker then there is the MQTT agent.