Downloading account configuration files


Just installed the packages from on my brand new syno. (thanks to him)
Trying to sync the designer with the controller I obtain the following error message:

Downloading account configuration failed : Unsupported curve: 1.2.840.10045.3.1.7

Any idea to solve the issue?

Thanks in advance.


Just for your information, the issue has been solved by switching from de Synology Java 8 to the Java 7 package.




Today I also tried to install a package Java8 from synocommunity instead psloadletter Java8 package (which I can not sync online with designers because crypto error).

And I was even able to sync online with the designer!!! But then I got the same error when sync with designers like you. I wonder why this is happening? Several times online sync normally, then an error (with Java8 from synocommunity).

I reinstalled, and install Java7, and only now everything works fine, including the rules sending mail (javaxmail).

I really wonder why 2 months ago everything worked fine with package Java8 (from psloadletter), and now only from Java7 synocommunity?