Draw street light lines on map for their status display

It is necessary to put a line of street lighting on the map to see which segment is illuminated, putting individual markers creates an overloaded map.

Is there a way to put a line on the map that will reflect the condition from an attribute?

Or some other elegant solution?

A lot of this is configurable on the manager_config.json file:

Thank You for reply.
Rereaded the manual but there is no mention of drawing lines. Can you point more detailed ?

Let’s clear up some confusion here.

We support GeoJSON layers on the map that is visible in the Manager UI.
For example, you can draw purple lines on specific roads, or add extra markers on several locations.
This is static information you can provide per realm.

You either;

  • Paste the GeoJSON manually in the manager_config.json file.
  • Use the Appearance page and paste it in there.

We wrote a small bit of information on the Map paragraph on the wiki.
See “If you want to add map layers …”;

If you however wish to do this dynamically based on an asset,
you can currently only add markers using their location attribute. Not lines unfortunately.
With a bit of creativity you might make it work haha

In most scenarios we’ve seen, we manually update the GeoJSON on the appearance page. :wink:

Thank You very much. Checking

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