Drools - "or"

Hi there

Not overly familiar with Drools - is it possible to do an “or” statement?

I’m trying to do a “call for heat” type event between two disparate sensors…

When Sensor A < TargetTemp OR Sensor B < TargetTemp


Failing that, would I have to write individual target “rools” to update an IMV, and then have a separate “rool” for the IMV? i.e.

When Sensor A < TargetTemp


When Sensor A > TargetTemp


When CallForHeat=1


When CallForHeat=0

TurnHeating Off

Theory being that multiple sensors can then flag a central call for heat, and I can have a drool for turning it on/off on a polled timer, so it doesn’t randomly flick it on off?

Hope that makes sense!