Enter asset location in UI

I have created a building asset, which has default attribute ‘location’ of type GEO JSON point. In the UI I try to modify this attribute and add the value:

{ type: "Point", coordinates: [ 40, 5 ] }

I won’t allow me to save this, which leads me to believe that the json format is incorrect. I also tried just the coordinates, and it will allow me to save but just doesn’t save the value. Does anyone know what the correct format is for inputting this value through the UI manager?

Hi Cheezy,

In modify mode you can set the location by inputting the coordinates (so 40,5), pressing enter, and saving the asset. Or you open the map dialog by pressing the icon next to the input field and select the location there.


ah, it seems this does not work in safari; the popup map is not visible. In Chrome I am able to use the popup map

I’ll add it to the backlog, thanks!