Error when running proxy on AWS Linux

I’ve followed the custom deployment instructions and am now trying to deploy onto an AWS EC2 Linux instance but the proxy server won’t start.
When looking at the logs for the proxy server it only contains multiple rows of

exec /bin/sh: exec format error

An internet search suggests this is an environment / build issue but I am pulling the latest proxy server from openremote docker so I’m not coonvinced.

Can you offer any suggestions on how I can get more information on the cause?

An update:
I’m now specifically pulling the Arm64 proxy image and getting the same so I’m more convinced it isn’t an architecture issue.

I stand corrected!

It was an architecture issue but not with the proxy server.
I had built the custom manager and deployment image to be cross platform but for some reason, when pulling the custom manager image, the amd64 architecture was used.
Specifically pulling the arm64 digest for the custom manager image has resolved the issue.

I hope someone else finds this useful.

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I just responded to your other post and this one answers one of my comments there.

Glad to hear you managed to get it deployed on AWS, this is where we run all of our stacks also.

As for architecture issues then you need a docker manifest for multiarch images, something buildx normally does automatically I thought when supplying multiple --platform arguments.

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