Error while installing Open remote v 3.0

Hi guys! Pls help!

im trying to run the new version of open remote ie ORC v3

 after running this command ---> docker-compose -p openremote -f profile/demo.yml up <--- in the docker.
 i get the error stating C:\users\admin\openremote\manager\build\install\manager either does not exist, is not accessible, or is not a valid URL.
please reply...
And FYI im using docker in win OS 10 using docker toolbox and VM..

Hi Nithin,

The error you are seeing is caused by the fact docker-compose is trying to first build the required images. You can pull the images from docker hub (docker-compose pull):

They are quite out of date though (I will try and find time to push newer images hopefully Wednesday) so for now you would be better off building them; to do that, you should be able to type:

./gradlew clean installDist

After that you can run the docker-compose command you were trying.


hey Richard,
that’s very kind of you. Thank you for finding time to reply, your suggestion indeed helped me with the installation. Appreciate the intellect and the quality of answer.

In fact currently the images are pretty up to date, as they are build automatically with our CI/CD pipeline and pushed to the Therefore if you see this error simply create an empty directory:

mkdir -p manager/build/install/manager