ESPHOME Integration with OpenRemote

Hello, I’m wondering if EspHome ESPHome — ESPHome may be integrated with Openremote.

There is a library GitHub - esphome/aioesphomeapi: Python Client for ESPHome native API. Used by Home Assistant. which handles devices flashed with ESPHOME . It looks like technically can be integrated with almost anything …

Any hint ?

Be interested to here what you’re doing with ESPHome, not something I’m familiar with so always good to here about use cases.

This Native API protocol is is TCP based so in some way the TCP agent could be used but you’ll be dealing with bytes as string (in HEX pairs), this will be challenging and a more specific agent would be beneficial here to be able to read the protocol buffer payloads but this is not on our timeline at the moment, if you’re a developer then we’d always welcome contributions here. You’d start by extending the AbstractTcpClientProtocol and then add the Netty message processors required for protocol buffers. Happy to give pointers on this.

Unfortunately I’m not a software developer , just an old Electronics Engineer with some basics on Linux, Python and C . I found OpenRemote attractive and promising (this is my opinion of course) but kind of steep learning curve at least for common mortals like me.
After 36 years and last 25 integrating all sort of technologies (most of them dead actually )

I do like the Platform concept and I hope in near feature become popular.


Our goal is to avoid the steep learning curve as much as possible to make IoT accessible to as many people as possible, you’ve got a good skillset which is a very relevant part of the ecosystem around IoT as nothing can be completely virtual.

Would be good to hear what your use case if you don’t mind sharing as this all helps us focus our efforts in developing a platform for the many.



I was aproached to find a solution , which must be :

  • Affordable
  • OpenSource
    -White label possible
    -MQTT, HTTP and Websocket APIs
    -Cloud and Local (gateways)
  • Multiple users and roles

Also some others requirements where OpenRemote Fits accordingly.
It would be managing Communications Tower location where several device would be sending all sort of information but it won’t over pass more than couple of dozen items. These devices are often Tailored solutions using ESP8266 or ESP32 or wired through ethernet. I was able to install Openremote on a Chinese TVBOX 1GB Ram 8GB EMMC which defenitivele would cut cost (in Real life BUDGET rules). Bottom Line I need to make a demo for this .
This platform have future in my opinion . Regarding the ESPHome integration , I been working microcontrollers since mid 90’s ( Motorola 68HC11, Microchip, AVR, STM32 and and several IDEs) Arduino rocked the World making embeded programming accesible for everybody willing to learn.
I Use Home Assistant and ESPHome for several uses cases but to be fair is a great Platform but has not (once again in my Opinion) Industrial Grade look and flexibility.
I do believe that ESPHome can be integrated and I’m willing to do the research and development of this “fork” in near feature and I’ll be sharing any advance I achieve. Before going there I must learn all basics and advance features.
Thanks very much for this real Open Source Platform which I find interesting and flexible.

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This is why we are here for, 100% open source industrial grade software.

As @rich has pointed out, it would be feasible to build an agent for this protocol in a long run (integrating protocols is time consuming task). For simple proof of concept it is possible to create a docker container with the code you’ve mentioned in the first post and let it communicate directly with Openremote build-in MQTT or HTTP server. This can be done just in one evening and the solution would be stable enough to show to potential clients and let them play with it. After acceptance and commitment you can invest in the full integration of the protocol into OpenRemote and skip the Python library dependency. Are you open to such approach?

Your background is quite OK, I myself was also Electronics Engineer in my previous life and since 2007 I’m self-employed software consultant. I would be happy to assist you with this adventure. First step would be to clone mentioned Python project, add Dockerfile to it and include this container in Openremote’s docker-compose.yml.

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I do willing invest on the protocol either for a client or myself . However I need to digest the basics and get use to this platform before going there . I do have a lead not a contract or consulting yet. Either MQTT or websockets would do the job.
I do appreciate the time and patience with me .