Fibaro Dimmer 2

I am trying to program a Fibaro Dimmer using Open Remote and z-way running on a Raspberry Pi
Using an http command I can set the dimmer to any desired level and I can link this command to a button which works.

When I want to use a slider to control the dimmer I need to be able to read the value from the dimmer, this works with an HTTP command executed directly e.g.[2].instances[0]

returns a number in the range 0-99 as you would expect.

If I create a label to display this number I first create a command attached to the dimmer

Name ReadLevel

Protocol HTTP



Polling interval 2s

and then create a sensor

Name Test

Command ReadLevel

Type custom

Finally create a label using the Test Sensor as it’s source

However I never get anything other than N/A displayed in the label

Could someone give me an example of how this should work?

First of all, you are using different device`s ID in your command - [2] to read dimmer value, [3] to set dimmer value.

I have a solution, which works fine on my system for 1 year with no problems:

  1. Install on Z-Way OpenRemote Helpers.
  2. Then, use this command to get Dimmer`s value:


Sensor should be Range (0-99)

  1. To set dimmer`s value use this command:


  1. Use these command to create a slider.

  2. Enjoy

Thanks Igoris, your solution worked for me